Torture Report

As previously mentioned me and my mother are victims of torture with the use of DEW (Directed Energy Weapons) This has already been going on for many years now.

So far the criminals tortured my grandmother until she died, killed all of our pets, chased away my sister in the past from our house and they made sure she never came back, they brainwashed my brother into joining the ranks of the perpetrators and their devilworshipping cabal.

Me and my mother: well they've been burning us alive very slowly and painfully while breaking into our house regularly and performing all sorts of crimes at night. Gangstalking en V2K are also used against us.

We are still being tortured and there seems to end to it.

I already started a blog in the past, however I did not managed to stay objective. Emotions got the best of me and therefore there is a lot of harsh language used which may give the reader the wrong impression of my person.

Here is the blog in question:

Organized Torture and the use of DEW (Directed Energy Weapons)

Still considering the animosity an murder committed against my family this could not be helped. (however this is not an excuse to justify that behaviour...)

As of lately I managed to write a report while staying objective as much as possible. The report itself contains many pictures and photos therefore it is rather large in size: +/- 600 MB!

I managed to subdivided it in PDF documents of 50 MB each to make it easiyer for those who want to download it.

The name of that report is "Electronic Concentration Camps" as this is exactly what happens to the victims of this crime: they are put into invisible concentration camps for the rest of their lives!

This is probably the best report of Gangstalking and Directed Energy Weapons you can find on the web, so take the opportunity to read it as it might save your life one day.

Torture Report:

A lot of lies have been spread by the perpetrators about me in a shamefull way.
They did it to achieve their twisted desires in a deceitfull way.
But in the end what did they achieve?

The truth is a bit like the Sun you can hide it for some time but you can't make it disappear!
(Something to think about!)

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