Important notice

It's just as the title is saying I'm not really in a situation where I can afford to be sued for copyright infringments...

Whether I will be able to achieve my goal of writing my own articles is another story as I am still a victim of torture with the use of DEW's and Gangstalking.

In other words I have more important things to think about especially this year.

I have no job, no internet access at home, and my life is a mess. The perpetrators are still killing my mother slowly on a daily basis.

Through those miserable 16 years I have never given in on their blackmail and I'm not going to give in to those criminal acts anytime soon.

This will ultimately lead to our eviction from our only home and to our deaths eventually. I honestly doubt I'll find anyone in this rotten country that has any hint of human decency.

I curse the  homosexual psychopath and his rotten accomplices to burn in hell for all eternity.   

Sorry to end this blog like this and thx for those of you have visited my blog. 

The links webpage is still available for whoever want to use it.

Situation update (2018)

My situation hasn't improved at all infact it has gotten even worse especially for my poor sick mother. 

In 2017 I started doing something which I hadn't done before: going out, like drinking something in cofee shops or tea rooms and I even attended a live show and a fireworks at night during september 2017(for the first time in my life).

I also started to actively searching for a lady outside rather than just using datingsites. This has sparked an avalanche of hate and a spate of viciousness in the homosexual psychopath and his cohorts.

First they ramped up the stalking then they started using the neighbours in our street to constantly provoke, insult and spread lies in a provocative manner like rabid dogs.

It was so bad that I started calling the police, who let's be honest either don't want to help or don't give a damn about it. 

So at some point the perpetrators started burning my mother so severely that she couldn't move to her bed anymore and she vomitted pretty much everything she ate or drank. 

The perpetrators burned her throat extremely heavily and other parts in her body as well: spinal cord, intestines liver her limbs (feet) ect...

That kind of pain is unbearable I know this because in the past they burned me in a similar way but less severely than my mother.

It's cruelty to this against my sick mother for more than two weeks without remorse, at the end she almost died of course and in the last days she was begging the Lord to put an end to her misery.

The perpetrators also use Voice to Skull against her from early morning till she sleeps (and don't let her sleep more than a few hours a day). They let her hear sounds of people getting beaten or tortured while screaming insults and curses against her like rabid dogs.

Naturally the perpetrators chose the coldest days of the winter to commit these acts of cruelty against her!

At the height of her suffering the perpetrators were laughing and celebrating my mothers suffering, they just couldn't resist to exibit their wickedness and most of all the joy our suffering has offered them.   

At some point I posted the location of the perpatrators in my website and things returned to their usual way after that (= tortured 7/7 like before it's not exactly an improvement but still my mother could move again like before and her health improved a little bit)

All this cruelty against mother is because I didn't give in on the balck mail of the homosexual psychopath.

My situation is till the same: the mere thought about women or even looking at pictures or downloading something for the internet is enough to ignite visciousness in these homosexual sadistic animals.

Lately the perpetrators started issuing threats again to commit the same type of attrocities against my mother like they did in end january 2018. This is because I still haven't given the hope to get rid of these devils so I can finally start to live.

I'm not giving in on their black mail I still carry the hope to find a way to get rid of these devils for good.

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  1. The following article, which I share for your publishing, may seem like bizarre conspiracy theory, but if you read the article, you’ll see it is fully supported from numerous generally respected sources like The Economist, Bloomberg, Wired Magazine, etc.

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    In the fall of 2015, the world descended into an economic apocalypse that will transform the globe into a single cashless society. As we enter 2016, we are only beginning to see this Epocalypse form through the fog of war. The war I’m talking about is the world war waged furiously by central banks against the Great Recession as the governments they supposedly serve fiddled while their capital burned.

    The governments and banks of this world advanced rapidly toward forming cashless societies throughout 2015. The citizens of some countries are already embracing the move. In other countries, like the US, citizens fear the loss of autonomy that would come from giving governments and their designated central banks absolute monetary control.

    The Epocalypse that I’ve been describing in this series will overcome that resistance during 2016 and 2017 as it wrecks economic havoc to such a degree that cash hold-outs will be ready for whatever holds the greatest promise of saving people from their collapsed monetary systems, fallen banks, deflated stocks and suffocating debt.

    You’ll see how the cashless movement gained huge momentum throughout the world in 2015 in the articles referenced below where the voices and actions of numerous economists and governments press for the formation of a global cashless society.

    It may have been a long time coming, but it’s certainly not hard for anyone to see now that the world’s currencies are, indeed, crashing all around us as we near the coming of this seemingly messianic money that The Economist predicted in 1988 would resurrect from the ashes of the world’s fallen currencies in 1918.

    The article quotes a point-by-point, accurate prediction put forward by The Economist nearly thirty years ago and compares that to many news sources in 2015 and the start of 2016. With such accurate timing to what is playing out now, it almost seems like a plan.

    Please feel free to publish the linked article in whole or in summary so long as you include a followable link back to the original article.

    —David Haggith