Monday, November 5, 2018

The IPPC climate report and their final call to "save" the world from a climate catastrophe!

The IPPC climate report and their final call to "save" the world from a climate catastrophe!

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The IPPC which stands for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has issued a report and a Final Call to “save” the world form a Climate Change catastrophe!

This report has more than 6,000 scientific references cited and the dedicated contribution of thousands of expert and government reviewers worldwide, this important report testifies to the breadth and policy relevance of the IPCC, said Hoesung Lee, Chair of the IPCC.

Ninety-one authors and review editors from 40 countries prepared the IPCC report in response to an invitation from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) when it adopted the Paris Agreement in 2015.

The reports full name is Global Warming of 1.5ーC, an IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5ーC above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty.

In this post I will outline my point of view concerning this report and it's implications for humanity if governments were to follow it's directives.

But first let's take a look at the statements made by the IPPC: the IPPC warns that an increase of both: 1.5 C or 2 C globally will have devastating results for our environment and climate.

I have read enough about climate to say that this is 100 % true, earth has a delicate ecosystem which is prone to be easily disrupted in the event of climate change.

Forest fires, droughts, hurricanes, ocean acidification, oxygen depletion in the ocean and reduction of valuable nutrients like plankton for example, loss of ice in the Arctic regions, sea level rise, food and water shortages, crop failures, heat waves and so on and so on.

The devastating effects of climate change are well documented by the scientific community so there is absolutely no doubt that IPPC has point when they launch their Final Call to save the world. That is if CO2 was truly at the origin for the rise in temperatures globally!

Because this would mean that we can indeed reverse that trend to mitigate the effects of Climate Change. However reducing CO2 won't have any effect on the Climate Change: because the sun is the main source for climate disruptions!

They also mention the danger of ice loss in both the Arctic and Antarctica, this is also an accurate statement.

The danger lies in the freshening of the ocean in the advent of huge ice losses and sea level rise! In the past the melting of vast volumes of ice caused the ocean to freshen, thus slowing the gulf stream significantly!

If the gulf stream were ever to slow down or completely grind to a halt it would freeze Europe and expand the ice till the coast of England!

This would result in mass casualties because of crop failures and cold waves in parts of Europe which are not prepared to deal with - 40 C in the winter...

As such the IPPC warns governments about the implications of global warming which is a legitimate concern, however blaming this rise in temperature on CO2 just doesn't hold any ground!

There are skeptics out there of which many are scientists with Phd's in climate research that claim that the Grand Solar Maximum is responsible for the global rise in temperature.

This Grand Solar Maximum has come to an end with solar cycle 23, as such solar cycle 24 was much weaker than the previous solar cycles!

The sun or rather solar activity is at the origin of climate change, the mechanism is actually rather easy to understand. Sunspots produce Solar Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections (CME's).

Solar wind and the sun's magnetic field reduce cosmic rays on earth which in turn reduce the formation of clouds. Less cloud formation means less heat is reflected back into space contributing directly to the warming of the planet.

The opposite is also true: less solar wind allows more cosmic rays to reach our planet effectively increasing cosmic rays and thus increasing cloud formation. More clouds means more energy is reflected back into space and this cools off our planet!

There is a direct correlation between low sunspot counts and the apparition of little ice ages like the Dalton Minimum for example.

Our sun as a star has a very stable output I believe it is around 1366 Wm and it can oscillate around this value. We can thus say with certitude that global warming and global cooling are caused by sunspot numbers only!

It is also a fact that increased solar activity causes natural upheavals like earthquakes, hurricanes volcano eruptions and extreme weather for example.

So essentially sunspot activity determines whether our planet will warm or cool down and there is a very simple logic behind it. More sunspots means more solar wind thus less cosmic rays and vice versa...

Let's watch sunspot data to have a clearer view of this assertion. In the following chart you will see sunspot cycles, temperature and CO2 concentrations.

You will immediately notice that CO2 is completely unrelated to global temperatures while the sunspot cycles follow it closely.

This is very important because at the present time we are heading into an ice age if our sun follows it's current trend!

Little ice ages happen more frequent than people think: the Dalton Minimum for example was caused by a lack of sunspots!

In other words weak solar cycles caused that little ice age. 

The following should give you some insight as to where the warming came from:

Usoskin et al., 2014 “The modern Grand maximum (which occurred during solar cycles 19–23, i.e., 1950–2009) was a rare or even unique event, in both magnitude and duration, in the past three millennia. Except for these extreme cases, our reconstruction otherwise reveals that solar activity is well confined within a relatively narrow range.”

Or how about this for example:

Lockwood et al., 2009 The Sun has been unusually active over recent decades (Solanki et al.2004; Vonmoos et al. 2006; Muscheler et al. 2007; Steinhilber et al. 2008). Solanki et al. (2004) used the C isotope abundance found in tree trunks and concluded that the Sun has been more active recently than at any time in the previous 8000 years and that it was as active as in recent decades for only 10% of the past 11000 years.

The Grand Solar Maximum which caused the warming of our planet over the last century is coming to an end!

But there is more than just a lack of sunspot activity which is concerning about the sun, surely a lack of sunspots will steer our climate to an ice age or at least cause colder weather.

There is also the report of increased UV radiation everywhere in the world, many people sense that something is wrong with our sun.

Some people claim that the sun's light is becoming whiter, some claim that it is more intense than ever causing sun burns if exposed directly to the sun. Most say it is becoming more intense.

But how can the sun become more intense while having the same output? Before I explain this consider reading the following:

Chen et al., 2015 “We explored the sources and characteristics of each pigment, reconstructed an 800- year record of ultraviolet radiation (UVR) and total incoming light intensity, and identified the possible factors that may have influenced historical UVR changes in this region. The results indicated at least four UVR [ultraviolet radiation] peaks during the past 800 years, corresponding to c. AD 1950-2000, 1720-1790, 1560-1630 and 1350-1480, with the intensity from the most recent [1950-2000] sediments being the highest.

Never has the UV radiation been as higher as the one from 1950-2000 over the last 800 years! This means that the sun while emitting a constant output of +/- 1366 Wm has been radiating more energy in the UV spectrum than it used to be!

It seems that more UV radiation is reaching the surface of our planet or perhaps something changed in the sun's spectrum. To understand what is happening we have to look at the black body radiation of stars.

In my opinion the sun is moving to the left side of the black body radiation curve, most likely incremental changes however enough to change our climate. 

Educational video:

Because a movement to the left side of that curve implies that the sun is getting intenser in all of it's spectral bands!

Here is what I think: while the sun is getting magnetically weaker our sun has gotten hotter it moved to the left side of the radiation curve increasing in intensity along all of it's spectral bands.

The above is only my opinion and I have no scientific data to back this claim, for now it's only an assumption but still a very plausible one! Because it explains everything that has been observed which couldn't be explained by mainstream science.

It explains for example why all the planets in our solar system are experiencing changes. Many people reported UV burns when exposed directly to the sun, the melting of asphalt in the roads, the melting of certain materials when exposed too long directly to sunlight, etc...

I have read many stories that lead people to believe that the sun is becoming more intenser, that it's light is becoming whiter in color!

The black body radiation curve answers all these questions: as the sun moves to the left it becomes more intenser near the UV spectrum. This could explain the whitening of our sun's light. The increase in intensity in all spectral bands could explain the rise in forest fires for example...

But why is the sun moving to the left side of the radiation curve or to say it in layman's terms why is the sun getting hotter and weakening magnetically at the same time?

Personally I have come to a conclusion and again it isn't backed by data it's just my personal opinion. Here is what I think: the sun is making a transition to a new phase, like when a star becomes a supernova!

Don't worry our sun is not turning into a supernova because this takes billions of years however it is making a transition to a new state or phase. I believe that the danger comes when the sun achieves that new state or phase.

Once that happens it will suddenly without any precursor warning become extremely active!

Scientists around the world will have no explanation for the sudden increase in this solar activity as they don't even think about a change of phase as a possibility.

This sudden increase in solar activity would not only cause devastating upheavals like major earthquakes, volcanoes to erupt, extreme weather all over the globe with mega cells but also warm the globe significantly!

Because as we have seen sunspot numbers and subsequently sunspot count indirectly determines whether our climate gets colder or warmer.

Aside from upheavals and global warming a sudden and extreme increase in solar activity could deliver the hypothesized solar kill shot or a new carrington event in modern times!

This would significantly disrupt electronics worldwide and even cause black outs or satellite damage!

And all these catastrophic events will be blamed on human activity and CO2 emissions! The IPPC does not acknowledge that sunspot activity is responsible for global warming, this is the greatest danger for humanity!

As it stands now governments around the world are being given directives to mitigate the emission of CO2, but no solutions are being offered to them.

Some governments are still investing in coal mining and oil fracking because they need it to sustain their energy production.

The US under the Trump administration is not endorsing the global warming directives and thus the Paris agreements on emission reductions.

Personally I don't like the policies of the Trump administration nor how they treat other governments and important issues like immigration, religious tolerance, human rights etc...

But when it comes to climate policies the Trump administration has taken the right decision! The IPPC urges governments to reduce their emissions based on the premise that CO2 is responsible for global warming!

In saying that they are directly accusing humanity of global warming, this is very dangerous! This world runs on oil and some people's lives literally depend on it: for example what if they suddenly decide to raise taxes on gas prices!

In the west this won't have life threatening consequences but for people who have to rely on their gas driven generator to pump water out of the ground it can become life threatening if they can't afford to pay for the gas anymore...

What if governments decide to use an even bigger share of farmland to produce bio fuels? There could be food shortages because of such decisions in the near future.

These are just a few examples why The IPPC report is dangerous because it recommends governments to take drastic and urgent measures to reduce CO2 emissions!

Let's take the country where I live for example: here in Belgium they have an aggressive policy to reduce emissions. So they promote solar cells, wind farms, clean and renewable energy.

This is all very noble of them but then in their euphoric state they decide to close nuclear plants and how do they offset this: by importing energy form other countries who use nuclear plants and fossil fuel to produce it...

As it stands now they are dependant on energy imports from other countries. And listen to this here comes the best part: they are reconsidering to reopen older closed nuclear plants in the event of an emergency!

This is utter madness: this world runs on oil, gas and coal, renewable energy like solar panels and wind farms will never take their place nor will bio fuels!

Free energy exists but free energy inventors are either silenced or killed until the last drop of oil is extracted out of the ground so this is not an option.

This is the sad reality that we live in, so telling governments that they should reduce their emissions in CO2 is ridiculous. There is no way to achieve that goal and most of all it serves no purpose since it can't stop global warming!

Governments around the world need to follow the example of the US and speak out against the IPPC: the truth needs to be told. The SUN is responsible for our climate for best or worst and there is nothing that we humans can do about it!

If governments around the world were ever to follow an aggressive policy to reduce CO2 emissions the results would be devastating for humanity:

People are going to starve from thirst and hunger in poor countries, economies word wide will collapse, riots will happen, war, revolutions and social unrest like never seen before.

In the end The IPPC directives to reduce emissions will cause more harm than Climate Change will ever achieve.

If the sun follows it's natural course then none of this matters as we are heading into an ice age.

People are skeptical because they think so many scientists can't be wrong about CO2 causing global warming. What they don't know is that scientists don't get a fund if they do not acknowledge that CO2 is the cause for global warming.

I don't blame those scientist that choose to play along with the IPPC: they are humans that have to pay their rent, buy food and clothes etc everyone needs a job to survive in this cold world so not all of them are bad people they just don't have a choice. (that's the sad part of it)


The Grand Solar Maximum was responsible for the warming trend of the last century, now we are entering a Deep Solar Minimum which will undoubtedly have a little ice age as result if the sun continuous to produce weak solar cycles.

If this is the case then The IPPC will have no choice but to admit that CO2 wasn't the cause for global warming since there will be global cooling instead.

However if the sun becomes suddenly more active Global Warming will ensue and it will be devastating as our planet will warm significantly and even exceed the expectations of the IPPC by a wide margin!

Governments around the globe will have no choice but to bend to the recommendations of the IPPC and this while the world will be rocked by upheavals caused by the sudden increase in solar activity!

In the end the IPPC directives to reduce C02 will cause more loss of human lives and misery worldwide than the warming of our planet caused by our sun.

Hopefully I'm wrong about the sun changing to a new phase but then again if I'm wrong we will have to deal with an ice age so ironically I'm hoping the sun will awake from it's slumber. In my opinion an ice age is the last thing humanity needs.

In either case humanity will suffer whether it is from the cold caused by a lack of solar activity or the heat caused by global warming after a sudden and unexpected increase in solar activity!

If you liked reading this article please consider sharing it on your social media outlets or blog so it can reach other people. This is very important as it can save lives in the future.


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