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Important Space and weather related events of 2018!

Article written by blog author: Zaouali Youcef

Disclaimer: You are free to post this article partially or fully wherever you want, (ex in blogs, forums, social media, etc...) however it is strictly forbidden to claim to be the author of it! 

As I mentioned before I have stopped posting articles not written by myself.

For those people that don't already know I'm a victim along with my mother of Gang stalking and torture with DEW (directed energy weapons) torture and things have only gotten for the worse as time passes by.

I'm flat broke and life is a real hell for me and my poor sick mother: every day I watch them kill my mother slowly but surely with DEW. As it is I'm not exactly in a position to continue this blog but I'm going to try it anyway.

I can't shake the feeling of my previous work and so I decided to write anew from time to time. You can also expect short videos of my articles which will be posted on You Tube as I did in the past.

So what else can I say, here we go: important events of 2018!

2017 and 2018 has been a quiet period relatively speaking which is good but there are things that need our attention nonetheless.

In this post I will not discus politics or economic issues and let's be honest there isn't much to talk about for the time being, when it comes down to those particular subjects.

This may however change next year because the way I see it the next couple of rate hikes will destroy the economy of emerging markets (example of emerging markets are: Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey. Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, etc) which is actually quiet ironic.

Because it's those countries that criticize the US dollar that borrow the most in US dollars! (crazy huh)

Granted they did it to boost their oil production when oil prices were high: high enough to justify such boldness, however gambling has it's risks.

Now those US dollar debt laden countries have to pay back their loans while the US dollar is still rising and will rise even more in value after the next rate hikes.

It should be clear by now that markets all over the world are overbought and that a correction is coming since they don't reflect reality anymore, this time the Lehman Brothers moment will be sparked by a currency crises or vice versa.

Now I will write about those things that I deem important to know for the reader, it should be noted that is mainly about our planet and dangers from space.

1. The most important event perhaps is the emergence of a sunspot with reverse polarity in august 2018

Sunspot AR 2720. This heralds the transition to solar cycle 25 and this is important because sunspot activity determines whether our planet becomes geomagnetic active or not.

Solar wind energizes our planet while it does that it causes earthquakes, strenghtens and create new hurricanes and storms around the globe, it causes volcanic activity, and many other upheavals like tornadoes and extreme weather for example.

But the most profound effect is heating of our planet, yes the rise in global temperatures is entirely attributed to sunspot activity. In fact since we entered the solar minimum of solar cycle 24 temperatures have dropped dramatically on a global scale almost to cause global temperature anomaly maps to go negative!

What worries me the most is all the predictions (psychic predictions) of a sudden rise in solar activity at some point: perhaps the sun is about to enter an active phase. Space weather has been quasi non existent in this quiet period of solar cycle 24 but this could perhaps change with solar cycle 25.

2. Another important aspect of our sun is 21 december 2018!

Because this might be the real 2012 Mayan calendar date and by this I don't imply that the world is going to end.

In my opinion it is a date of transition of our solar system: it is going to be subject to something or nothing at all. Perhaps the emergence of a bright star in the night sky or luminosity caused by the wave of a distant supernova.

This would indeed cause our sun to suddenly increase in activity and thus cause natural upheavals as consequence, but nothing as dramatic as the much hyped Hollywood movie from 2012 which is utter nonsense.

Such destruction can only be caused by a galactic super wave as mentioned in the work of Paul la Violette but that sort of event happens once every 12000 years so no worries about that.

Anyway this is an important date well at least if I'm correct, I say this because I have no evidence whether 2018 is the correct date. I read once a detailed article about the Mayan calendar which was based on facts, in that article they stated the real date was off by six years! (2012 + 6 = 2018)

So maybe it's true and then again maybe not, you should not concern yourselves with this too much, if you see this winter a glow appearing in the sky well then you know what caused it...

I think if 2018 is the real 2012 there will be some sort of celestial event but not something that causes the "end of the world" something akin to strange aurora's perhaps.

3. Another notable event that took place in 2018 was the position of the planets in our solar system: they were all on one side of our sun!

This is indeed very peculiar and important because planetary alignments are believed to create torque in our sun's inner belt which determines the activity of future solar cycles...

So perhaps this not important immediately, still it might herald a new period of increased solar activity in the coming years! (perhaps an active solar cycle 25?)

4. A strange aurora like light Called STEVE (Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement) 

This is not really an important event just the discovery of a sky glow that is not attributed to auroras nor have the same mechanism.

 It's interesting to see a celestial event that has been photographed while scientists know very little if nothing at all about it.

This new phenomenon produces thin, bright ribbons of green, white, and purple lights that appear only a few times a year and appear much closer to the equator.

While auroras are caused by charged particles raining down the ionosphere no such particles have been detected with the STEVE sky glow phenomenon! So essentially the energy that causes this sky glow comes from somewhere else: a different mechanism which is currently unknown to scientists.

This shows that outer space is still full of mysteries and that new discoveries are bound to happen.

5. Let's take a look at our own planet now, one important event is the appearance of the Wedell polynya in Antarctica.

A polynya is a large ice-free area in otherwise frozen ice sea, these polynya's occur regularly in the coastal regions of the Arctic and Antarctica.

They play an important role in the formation of sea ice and deep water, in the open ocean however they are a rare phenomenon. In fact so rare that the well known Wedell polynya has only been observed once in the mid 1970's.

Now 40 years later this phenomenon shows up again, it's recurrence hints about a deep layer of warm water sitting below colder fresher surface layer waters. The polynya acts as a pressure valve so to speak: it releases latent heat to the surface causing the ice to melt.

Why is this important, after all the polynya is a well understood phenomenon (at least that's what they say in the scientific community). Well it shows that despite Antarctica having a large surface area of ice there is latent heat underneath all that ice.

In fact I have read an article that states that the growth in surface ice in Antarctica is caused by the warm water underneath it which prevents that super cold water to descend as it should, to contribute to the creation of deep water.

In other words it acts as a lid for that cold surface water which cannot descend anymore to the bottom as it should be! So in essence all the ice in Antarctica amounts to an illusion since there is a vast pool of warm water just underneath the surface layers.

To put it bluntly Antarctica might experience a sudden loss of ice in the coming years or decades and by that I mean significant areas or volumes of ice! But this is only speculation and my own opinion.

Still I'm shocked to see that little importance has been attributed to this event: a few articles at most, this is truly outrageous.

6. Since we are talking about the Arctic and Antarctic regions there is another event I want to point out: the emergence of ice free zones north of Greenland for the first time since human recording began!

This is a major event because north of Greenland lies the oldest and thickest ice of the Arctic, in fact that thick ice always survived the summer melt period until this year!

This is undoubtedly proof that the Arctic ice is disappearing at an alarming rate, in fact for years I have been looking at the Arctic development by watching charts about sea ice thickness and sea ice area.

What I concluded (and it's actually quiet obvious) is that the loss of ice is not recovered, the ice thickness keeps dropping year after year.

So even if the Arctic is covered again by ice it's thinner less compact which is prone to melt more easier in summer periods.

I also think that the quality of that ice is going down, dark particles of ash caused by forest fires in the past in the northern regions of the US (carried by wind and deposited on the ice) might have facilitated the absorption of sunlight in the ice in summer for example...

Anyway this event shows that we are ever closer to an ice free Arctic region in the summer periods of the coming years. In fact some predict this to happen within 2 or 3 decades but in my opinion it won't take that long anymore ...

7. The polar vortex split of 2018, yes this is also an important event, because it caused an extreme winter in some parts of the world and extreme weather in other parts.

The splitting of the polar vortex is a dramatic event that shows it's effects in a matter of weeks and they are profound in some parts of this world.

It caused cold waves in the mid latitudes and heatwaves in the arctic (relatively speaking because it's still very cold in the arctic as one would imagine, still between above freezing level and -40 °C there is a huge difference...)

A polar vortex split causes the cold which is usually contained in the Arctic region to spill out to the Mid Latitudes carried by easterlies. In the Arctic however a polar vortex split means logically the opposite effect. In fact during the month of February temperatures rose above freezing level in some parts of the arctic!

As the cold air flows from the Arctic to the midd latitudes the Arctic region is replenished by warmer air coming from the midd latitudes...

8.  A persistent drought in the European continent in the summer of 2018.

It was so profound that if you were an astronaut hovering at 250 miles from the surface you would instead of seeing green blanketing much of the continent, see a huge amount of brown.

A serious lack of rain is at the cause of this dramatic event along with soaring temperatures but most of all a lack of rain indeed!

This drastic color change has happened over just a couple of months. In fact, all it takes to see a green Europe would be to go back in time to the beginning of June, after spring rains helped create a verdant green blanket.

As someone who lives in Europe (Belgium to be precise) I can testify that there is absolutely no exaggeration at all in the above statements! In fact Belgium raised the alert level and even took measures to limit unnecessary use of water (ex: fountains water, washing cars etc)

This is truly unprecedented I have never in my life walked down a park near my home to find it completely yellow as if I was walking in the wilderness of Africa! I can say with a 100% assurance that this lack of rain is not an isolated occurrence.

Belgium is known for wet weather and Lot's of rainy days in fact it used to rain like 200 days a year in this country which was known for it's floods. The lack of rain started 10 years ago becoming more and more evident each year that passed by.

There were lesser and lesser rainy days and when it rained it was local and intense rather than great volumes. But lately even this is becoming a rare event when it rain es it rains lesser.

It is clear that the hydrological cycle is changing in Europe, the climate is becoming more barotropic then baroclinic. It is a very dramatic thing to see that the climate in Europe can change so fast, this unprecedented drought happened in a matter of months and it caused changes that were visible from satellites!

The affected regions are all reporting loss of crop yields, whether it's grains or vegetables or fruit all the regions who experienced this drought in Europe have suffered harvest losses!

According to media reports, farmers are expecting a decrease in crop yields of some vegetables of up to 50%. Sweden’s wheat harvest could decrease by over 40%. Poland has observed drought on almost 65% of its arable lands. Germany expects its grain harvests to be 20% less than normal. In Estonia, the minister for Rural Affairs said that it is expected that between 30 and 70% of the summers crops could fail. And in Denmark, the spring harvests of vegetables and grains was down 40 to 50%.

But the loss of harvest is not the only calamity of this drought, wild fires were on the rise in the affected zones!

This exceptional drought along with other events (like the ice free zone north of Greenland for the first time for example) are a clear omen for those who understand that our climate is changing and by that I mean changing very fast!

9. A series of deep quakes. The most notable quake is the one in the Fiji region:

M 8.2 - 286km NNE of Ndoi Island, Fiji

Time 2018-08-19 00:19:40 (UTC) - Location 18.113°S 178.154°W - Depth 600.0 km

An 8.2 earthquake is always a dramatic event and what people don't realize is the danger of significant deep earthquakes.

If i have to compare it with something I would compare it with a steering wheel: you don't apply much force on your steering wheel but the impact is profound as it changes the direction of the car and you can do it with the tip of your fingers so to speak.

This 8 magnitude earthquake at 600 km is the exact same thing, something happened down there and it's effects will reach the surface at some point in the form of increased tectonic activity globally or an increase in earthquakes at the surface to put it in simpler words.

Personally I don't believe that our planet has a molten core as mainstream science would have us to believe, if you ever doubt what I say you should check how deep humans have ever been in earth's crust... So they are basically just formulating a theory which doesn't even sound plausible I think.

Think about it if earth's inner core was completely made of molten rocks the pressure would cause volcanic eruptions the size of Yellowstone each day in order to release the pressure...

No the hollow earth theory holds more ground. In my opinion these deep quakes are caused when the upper layer of the crust +/-1000 km in thickness slides over the layer underneath it also -/+ 1000 km in thickness.

This is only my opinion however so feel free to believe this or not, I think these large magnitude deep earthquakes are caused by incremental changes in earth's orbital tilt. These small changes in earth's wobble causes deep earthquakes as the crust slides over a hotter rock bed at great dephts.

But again this is only my opinion there is no scientific evidence behind this assumption, still a plausible theory I think.

By the way that quake in Fiji was not the only one at great depht: A magnitude 7.1 struck at 609.5 km of depth near Peru

M 7.1 - 138km WNW of Iberia, Peru - Time 2018-08-24 09:04:06 (UTC) - Location 11.042°S 70.817°W Depth 609.5 km

And there were a few others on other locations closer to the surface but still deep enough to raise concerns. These great depth earthquakes have the potential to produce or rather cause the appearance of many other earthquakes near the surface. And by that I mean significant ones! (magnitude 7 - 9)

Because of this fact I decided to include this event in this list.

There are many other things I've could have included in this list but in my opinion those are the most notable or most significant for the time being.

This is the end of my first article in a while and I hope you all enjoyed reading it!

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