Monday, June 25, 2018

Every day is just another day in hel for me and my poor sick mother!

The torture never stops wether it's in winter, autumn, spring or summer the burning happens every day 7/7 all year round.

My mother well she's not just being burned but killed psychologically and emotionally with V2K (voice to skull) which is being used by the perpetrators to defecate their hate in her head.

And this too happens every day all day long, she suffers from her cancer, she suffers form the sickness caused by the relentless burning with dew's (directed energy weapons), she suffers from the psychological en emotional wounds that are being afflicted on a daily basis with V2K (voice to skull) in her head, she suffers from sleep deprivation because and many other afflictions caused by the hate of the faggot and his cronies.

And there is no reason for this madness other than hate and wickedness from the perpetrators, obviously torture is not going to change me into a fag, because this is what it's all about.

As explained in my pervious posts a sick and incredibly evil faggot has put me and my mother on the list of unwanted people or "dangers" to the government. 

I say this because I don't know exactly how these fucks manage to get innocent people on the torture bench.

They used lies and devilish tricks to get me in that black list and once I was in the torture began and this probably since 2000 perhaps even before that (probaly even before that). The faggot spreads lies wherever he can about me and he tranforms every person that he can into a rabbid dog.

My genitals are burned on a daily basis and so is my blatter prostate and instestines. The kidneys are burned and many other organs randomnly.

Were being coocked alive plain and simple and I'm being castrated slowly but surely while my mother is being killed in gruesome manner also slowly but surely.

We are in hell, deep in hell because of a fucking cock sucker, my mother suffers because this devil uses her as a punching bag and he does this just for amusent.

Obviously by torturing my mother I won't change into fag, he knows it and everybody else knows this, they torture without a goal or purpuse they do it as amusement.

I wonder what I can do to stop this madness, the threats, the insults, the provocations, the lies, they never stop.

Our enire neighborhood has been changed into one big zombie pond, where every person is another rabid dog on their leash, programmed and conditioned like mindless things.

Yes living corpses, who thrive on hating and doing evil to others, the only pleasure left for these abominations is to make innocents suffer.

I'm totally lost I get burned 7/7 there is nothing that I can do, they won't let me work and this I have proven this year: when I finally found a job they started to kill my mother.

I get burned for everything that I do and when i do nothing i get burned even more it's absolute madness and sensless hate.

It's like i'm living in a city that has been taken over by terrorists yes another type of al qaida: fanatics from te occult, devilworshippers and masons.

But the thing for which I get tortured the most is love, yes they won't let me search or look or even think about ladies without ramping up the torture.

And usually it is directed at my poor sick mother, the threat of eviction is ever looming but I don't care about that i'm still looking to find a nice and beautiful lady and this is enraging the faggot een more day by day.

Searching for help on the web isn't helping but then again where do you seek help against this form of torture?

That's the problem when you're dealing with something which is not officially recognized, I'm running in circles and all I can see on the streets are the haters and the perpetrators trying to fish me up.

It's hopeless if you read this and you think you might be able to help let me know by posting a comment it's free on this blog no need to sign in or anything.

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