Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Urgent call for help! My motther is being tortured to death and I don't know what I can do to stop the perpetrators.

Help needed urgently as the perpetrators are trying to kill my mother again.

Last winter in the end of the month of januari 2018 my mother had been tortured with DEW's to insane levels. As such she became paralyzed on the sofa and could barely eat or drink anything from the pain and internal organ damage, she lost weight considerably and had a thyroid storm with levels of 100 and above of TH4.

This because her throat had been burned severely during 14 days in a row.

Her spinal cord and many vital internal organs had been burned with Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) as well. During that period the perpetrators continued the harrasment and provocations on a daily basis while making fun of my mother's suffering.

This almost resulted in a fight with the excrements doing the harrasment. (mainly my pedophilic neighbour and his transvestites and all the other pedofiles in that homosexual brothel)

As of this weekend 20 may 2018 my mother is being hit to insane levels again just like in the winter, she is now almost paralyzed from the pain and she barely eats or drinks anything, she is dying to put it simply and it's a horrible way of dying. She's being tortured to death again by the homosexual murderous psychopath, this coward is again targeting my mother.

This comes a few days after I almost found a job after 10 years of unemployment, I have not renounced my search to find a nice lady and this is the cause of all the hate and cruelty which is directed against my mother. It's blackmail plain and simple, the torture never stopped it has just been scaled to previous levels since their attempt to kill my mother in winter time.

But now it seems the perpetrators resorted again to the most cowardly action you can think off: they are again torturing my mother gruesomely and in an abominable way to make me renounce my dream.

Like I said previously I won't answer their blackmail I will continue my efforts even if I have to beg on the streets for money, searching for a job while my mother is dying at home isn't an option.

However there are still options left infact as long as I don't give up myself their will always be a way.

This is an urgent call for help I don't know all the details of gangstalking and the use of Directed energy weapons and I don't know if it is legal or used by criminal black ops.

I know it's criminal in nature but I do sense it's part of a program destined to kill or torture people to their deaths.

If you read this and you can help please let me know, tell me how to get out of that cursed list of unwanted people because me and my mother have been put on that list by a homosexual criminal and his devilsworshipping sect without a valid reason other than his personal twisted desires.
(forcing me into homosexual prostitution)

Putting the location of the perpetrators helped me in the winter to quench their viciousness but they're back at it and this time I'm afraid my mother is going to be tortured to the death.

DAMN it their has to be someone in this world who has the means and knowledge to help? Or is this world truly populated by seven billion useless and indifferent people?

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