Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The nightmare continious without remorse.

The perpetrators are still burning my mother each day, as such she is not recovering and just lies on the couch from the pain day in day out.

She is dying a gruesome and painfull death and she realizes it these last days.

As of monday the perps decided to burn my right upper and under jaw completely, the pain is excruciating! It's like being hammered om my theeth and burned at the same time!

The pain travels through all the nerves and arteries as they are being damaged with ultra sounds.

Last night I could barely sleep at all, I am forced to take a very unhealthy painkiller to lessen the pain and I say carefully "lessen" the pain because it doesn't go away even with the painkiller!

With this being said my options are now 0, can't do anything with that kind of pain lingering in my entire right jaw.

These are truly black days for the both of us: me and my poor sick mother. And all this hate all this wickedness because of a motherfucking faggot who will not accept the fact that i'm not of his twisted kind.

But I haven't renounced on finding a beautiful lady I haven't renounced on my dreams and I never will, I will either succeed or die a very miserable death.

Searching help on the web isn't yielding anything and no one seems to care wether i'm gifted or not. To put this metaphorically i would compare it to a bunch of people kicking or ignoring a bottle holding a genie inside.

Yes an unwanted genie that has been sold out to a devilwoshipping sadistic evil faggot and his cronies. And I say cronies because these people are all criminals and of the worst stock.

If you happen to read this and you think you can help in some way don't hesitate to let me know.

But use FACEBOOK to do it because I don't think they will let your emails get through or post a message directly in my blog.

Facebook is actually the surest way to do it, not that I'm expecting any help from this indifferent world.


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