Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Location of the perpetrators

My name is Zaouali Youcef I am Algerian and live in Belgium since birth at Louis van Houttestraat 85 in 9050 Gentbrugge in Belgium with my sick mother.

My name is Zaouali Youcef and I am a victim of gangstalking and the use of DEW (directed Eneregy weapons) since 2000.

My mother is also a victim and her health is in a dire state because the perpetrators want to kill her.

The torture is relentless and inhuman the perpetrators are devilworshippers or masons and the instigator or the one who ordered the torture is a homoseksual psychopath and he is evidently also a devilworshipper and a criminal who likes to torture innocents.

The reason for the torture is very simpel, he wants me to become his sex slave and he wants me to become a rotten devilworshipper like hiimself and join whatever evil sect he preside.

The perpetrator has a lot of influence and power and money at his disposal so it wasn't very difficult for him to get a torture package against us.

Anyway my mother has been burned for more than a decade and now she is dying at home.

The only thing left for me that I can do is to make their location known wherever I can so here are the adresses of the perpetrators:


9050 Gentbrugge
Louis van Houttestraat Nrs: 69A - 69B - 69C - 69D - 69E - 69F - 69G - 71 - 73 - 75 - 77 - 79A
83 - 87 - 89 - 91 - 95 - 98 - 88 - 82 - 80 - 78 - 76 - 74 - 72

9050 Gentbrugge - Oude Brusselse weg
14 - 12 - 10 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 22 - 24 - 26 - 28 -30
29 - 31 - 33 - 35

GPS coordinates for google earth as reference point
Louis van houttestraat 85 Gentbrugge 9050 which is my own adress:

N / 51°02'30.22" - O / 03°44'42.98"

I don't know if this will change anything but the criminals that are torturing us always threaten to put us on the street if I ever made their locations known.

So will it change anything I don't know but I don't intend to live with the regret that I could have done something to stop them and not doing it.

Ironically it might be already too late I should have done this in 2010 but fear, doubt the very idea to be homeless without anything to rely on caused me to be afraid.

And thus I became a coward who let his enemies get the best of him. No more of this now I'm going to care of those devils one way or another.

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