Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Things are going from bad to worse!

Our situation hasn't improved at all, the torture is ongoing en it is being ramped up lately. The perpetrators love to increase the torture during wintertime and most of all during Christmas and New Years Eve.

During 2017 I have actively searched for work everywhere to no avail, the perpetrators are hell bend on letting me earn anything in fact they are hell bent for letting me do anything at all aside from burning and suffering.

And suffer we did me and my poor sick mother because of homosexual devil and his followers. My mother is burned 7/7 with dew weapons: the perpetrators also steal money from her, shred her clothes steal all kinds of things or break them when they break in to our home at night. (happens regularly)

V2K (voice to skull) is used against my poor mother constantly to terrorize her, they do it constantly and mercilessly. The perpetrators insult her, curse against her, yell at her, let her hear people that are being killed and tortured ect...

It happens relentlessly 7/7 to such an extentd that after all these years of mental and emotional torture she has pretty much lost all of her sanity.

They turned everyone in this city (or pretty much everyone ) into a rabbid mindless zombie who's fully under their leash. The torture, the burning, the stalking it never stops.

As off lately they burned both of my ears relentlessly for almost two weeks, the result is a massive infection in both ears with a loss of hearing and feeling in some parts of my ears (externally and internally)

This has been added to the continious torture which is usually the use of dew weapons on my genitals, prostate blatter kidneys and the intestintal tract. I've been taking way too much painkillers during these last weeks but there is no other option for me.

The perpetrators burned my ears because I wanted to press charges against them and in the process I talked about the pedophilic nature of my neighboor to the police. Naturally the police refused the handle the complaint and they told me I should get mental help instead.

This is actually obvious since police and secret service are essentially the same thing but as I always say you won't know for sure until you try it right. However my pedophilic neighbour did request to the perpetrators to ramp up the burning as retaliation for exposing him to the police.

I can always post the location of the perpetrators on my website and see if this doens't help but the drawback is the high possibility of eviction form our home because of this. But then in the end the will evict us or kiss us eventually so it's worth a try I think.

This wouldn't be a problem if my mother was sane but years of mental torture have completely turned her in a vegetative state, she lives in her own world not in the real one anymore.

That's a very dangerous situation because she won't take the right decisions and that plays into the hands of our tormentors.

This is truly the darkest moemnt in our lives for both me and my mother.

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