Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Things are going from bad to worse!

Our situation hasn't improved at all, the torture is ongoing en it is being ramped up lately. The perpetrators love to increase the torture during swintertime and most of aal during christmas en new years period.

During 2017 I have actively searched for work everywhere to no avail, the perpetrators are hell bend on letting me earn anything injfact they are hell bent for letting me do anything at all aside from suffering.

And suffer we did again this year because of the hate of the homosexual devil and his followers. My mother is buyrned 7/7 with dew weapons the perpetrators steal money from her, shred her clothes steal aal kinds of things or break them when break into our home at night.

The rest will posted tommorow there are stalkers now that are searching for a fight right now.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

As off now I decided to only post articles that are actually written by myself rather than just copying content...

It's just as the title is saying I'm not really in a situation where I can afford to be sued for copyright infringments...

Whether I will be able to achieve my goal of writing my own articles is another story as I am still a victim of torture with the use of DEW's and Gangstalking.

In other words I have more important things to think about especially this year.

I have no job, no internet access at home, and my life is a mess. The perpetrators are still killing my mother slowly on a daily basis.

Through those miserable 16 years I have never given in on their blackmail and I'm not going to give in to those criminal acts anytime soon.

This will ultimately lead our eviction from our only home and to our deaths eventually. I honestly doubt I'll find anyone in this rotten country that has any drop of human decency.

I curse the  homosexual psychopath and his rotten accomplices to burn in hell for all eternity.   

Sorry to end this blog like this and thx for those of you have visited my blog. 

The links webpage is still available for whoever want's to use it.